The original Wheel of AyeZee, introduced in early 2019, has set new standards for prize wheels on Twitch! Whenever a raffle is started community members get to join in hopes to get the chance to win the sought-after spin on the Wheel of AyeZee. Completely free to enter and with the same chances for everyone to win a prize from a multitude of segments!

The CrAyeZee Wheel

Enhancing the Wheel of AyeZee further to the thrilling, all-new, and even more impressive CrAyeZee Wheel with prizes bigger than ever before, a new step of the ladder of excitement has been reached!

Clover Cash

A new, involving, and innovative game – Clover Cash! Testing the participant’s luck and raw intuition: The target is simple yet totally engaging, the contestant chooses a lucky Clover Cash case and predicts the amount of cash in the remaining cases. The anticipation mounts in each round of the game as the next couple of Clover Cash cases are opened and their cash values are revealed. An offer will be made and the contestant can decide to keep their Clover Cash case and eliminate more cases or accept the offer to answer the most important question: “Accept or Reject?”

Pot of Possibility

Another brand new addition to the range of games is The Pot of Possibility, the participant is guaranteed to win as the mythical leprechaun’s Pot of Possibility randomly selects an amazing prize!